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Give a compliment to a complete stranger.

This pledge closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

Over four years ago my friend and I had the urge to create a cause that would encourage our community to stay connected and share their happiness and positivity. We believed that by doing so, as a group, we could combat some of the world's mental health issues.

Back then we only had 100 members. Now, this cause has 1,276 members!

I want to reopen this cause and begin by giving everyone a simple action to pledge. This pledge has been inspired by something that happened to my friend, Kiera White.

Kiera is a well known member of queer community in Brisbane. I met Kiera at the Sportsman Hotel in Brisbane over a year ago when I was working in Spring Hill. Sporties was the closest and friendliest watering hole for my colleagues and I. We also loved to go there for Karaoke - which is where I met Kiera who had more guts then me and got up to sing!

Not too many days ago now, my friend was out in Brisbane, on the train - minding their own business no doubt when a stranger handed them a beautiful little note. "You look Great! Pink looks amazing on you! Have an awesome day!"

This note really lifted Kiera's spirits and I think we all pledged to do this for one person that's over 1000 people who's day we could make. You never know who you are complimenting and what they have been going through. They may be having a really bad day and you might just be the one to snap them out of it.

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