Sign the Petition to UK GOVERNMENT to BAN Muslim "halal" & KOSHER meat

This petition closed 11 months ago

Majority of people in the UK are firm animal lovers not haters. Why does our country allow this disgusting "religious" cruelty to go on over here or even allow it to be imported? Why inflict such unreasonable agonizing pain to an innocent animal for reasons that have not enough justification. THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND WE WANT THIS TO BE STOPPED! DAVID CAMERON, PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO, AND YOU TELL US IT DOESN'T BOTHER YOU! 1000's upon 1000's of animals are bred and slaughtered each day solely for the meat industry, the UK way of animal slaughter is bad and terrifying as it is to the harmless innocent animals but HUMANE, Muslim RELIGION of slaughter is a DISGRACE and we as UK citizens SAY NO! KOSHER meat is also the same cruelty only they say a prayer for the animal, again stupid cruel religion. This is a 12 week petition, once ended will be sent to as many local Councillors and UK government and hopefully something can be done about this despicable cruelty. Please watch the video; it is not nice, all animals are now out of there agony they were wrongly put through and are still put through day in day out all over the world.  It would be lovely to put a stop to this worldwide, but we no that's not going to happen, but at least let's try for our country, BRITISH UK population TAKE A STAND!  


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