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It is pretty much guarenteed that you will be denied disability on your first filing. Eventhough, you have been declared from a board certified doctor to have a debilitating health condition you still have to see doctors chosen by Social Sercurity. The denial rate on disability is too numberous and uncalled for due to the number of people becoming ill from a health condition. Our fight is to change the laws and make it easier for people to obtain disability. No one should be shunned, pushed away, or denied disability with a documented health condition that prevents them from working.

As I sit here thinking about my cause and making not only my voice, but the voices of all involved heard I'm thinking wow..yep it is definately time. It is time to MAKE our voices heard, time to take back OUR rights, take back what has been wrongfully taken away from US, the AMERICAN people. This is OUR country which has been dwindled to nothing, people struggling to make ends meet, jo...bless due to carelessness and ignorance, suffering with health issues we DID NOT oviously ask for, but have to gain the strength to fight, we have a healthcare system that is NOT for the people it is geared towards the mighty dollars at the people's expense financially, emotionally, and physically. There is NO freedom of speech anymore, we have been stripped of the value of human LIFE to the point of we are now a "liability" so we get put into a invisiable catergory of misfits and high maintanence. This is so wrong and we CAN make a difference, but we HAVE to do it together. One person is not a army, but can be a leader to step forward and gather more to fight for what is rightfully there to take back. We are human, we have feelings, we suffer just like anyone else, put our pants the same, NO ONE is above anyone else when you logically size it up, so why are the American people dwindled to this. This makes me so mad. There are soo many issues that need addressed in the U.S. now and oviouslly change doesn't happen overnight, BUT change will not happen if we sit back and let OUR country slide down the perverbial crapper. We the people CAN make a difference by addressing these issues together and supporting eachother. We have united in tragedy, local and statewide why can't we unite to start taking back what is ours?? In my opinion, we can complain all we want, but failure comes when we don't try and also we need to try for "US", our "CHILDREN, and for "OUR" country and again to take back what is "OURS". We all have feelings, so why not express them, we have rights , let's get them back, we are not dead, so why be treated as if we are?? Things are not just black and white, there are gray areas and we NEED to use them, there are many aspects and prespectives to EVERYTHING, so why not address them so there isn't only one side that is being seen or shown and having the end result always being preceived as the "right way" and always at the people's disadvantage. This is why I have started United Fight For Disability here on facebook as it IS a small portion of what needs to be addressed. With this I have the goal of changing the laws governing disability. People shouldn't be denied when they are suffering and specially when it is a documented health condition(s) that keeps them from functioning everyday to "full" potential. People suffer enough with disabilties trying to get out of bed, make a meal, talking, seeing, moving, taking care of their children, oh my goodness and the list goes on. So,, please join me to get these laws changed so people in need can get the help they deserve and stop the ludricous denial rate. The ones seeing us as "able" and "ok" do not walk in our shoes.!/UnitedFightForDisability


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