Sign the Petition to Citizens of Jefferson City and County Tennessee Mayor Mark Potts with City Commissioners & Mayor Allen Palmeri with the County Commission.


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Citizens of Jefferson City and County Please support the creation of Jefferson City " "Events Center", "The Patriot" better Use petition . 

This Petition will be addressed to :

Mayor Mark Potts with City Commissioners & Mayor Alan Palmieri  with the County Commission.

Allow and support "Jefferson City Events Center" or named and assigned at a date when the proposed business is a legal entity in its entirety and address is assigned.

Proposed Address : 721 E Main St, Jefferson City 37760

" all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness " Thomas Jefferson.

This Project gives me happiness and that has no monetary value that can compare to the completion of something I place my own hands to.
721 E Main St, Jefferson City Tennessee 37760 has so much history and served its community well for many years as a Movie theater, Skating rink and in my efforts it will serve again as an events center previous owners allowed the property to decay and sit.

In Our efforts I/we have boarded and made safe, removed 26+ tons of debris that once was a roof, hardwood floor from a skating rink and rotten wood from supporting beams and frame at a cost of $25,000+.

I/We hired Asfour engineering firm of Knoxville to inspect the structure of the building and write the evaluation at a cost of $3,000. The building passed with some recommendations that will be completed in the remodeling phase. Note: I have a copy and Jefferson City Building inspector was given a copy as-well.

The cost evaluation to rebuild this 3 story 15,000 sq ft brick and mortar building with 110 yards of concrete floor would cost me $250,000 .
Now there is a proposal by others in a private and self interest group, that has made it known to the public they wish to destroy the building and its history forever.

I/We have no reason to accept the proposal implied and imposed by them or anyone else for that matter as it does not serve a better use and the project does not have any known funding to consider. 

The printed plans proposed show that the building located at 721 E Main St , Jefferson City Tennessee 37760, is to be destroyed and removed, I have given no permission that accommodates others to speak for me in such a project that clearly does not have my support in its current form.

I do not support or did I solicit proposed drawings of my property to be used in public display as a method to gain the support or influence by others 

I feel that these plans negatively shows a huge impact on direction that has already been planed for the property and it's value to be considered without my written consent or approval.

I/We have a right to enjoy this property to preserve it and pursue a use as we deem fit not one that is dictated to us.

All that I am asking is the support of the community to continue with my plans to create the events center and help with the awareness campaign to create such a use and place. 
Kyle Adkins


Kyle Adkins

These collections of signatures are tools that show our leaders the direction of popular support, and often signal that it is their duty to take action on behalf of the public's opinion. In this Action you are helping me protect my rights as a citizen, property owner and businessman .


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