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Breed specific legislation (BSL) is not the answer to our aggressive dog problems, irresponsible dog ownership is. We should work towards teaching people the correct way to live and love dogs, with more vigilant screening tests for people wanting pets. 

Pit bulls are known for their kind nature and love of children. Aggressiveness in a pit bull is uncommon and highly undesirable, however the breed is specifically chosen as fighting dogs. These fighting dogs know nothing more than pain and suffering and that humans are bad, "they hurt us." If you put a lab, golden retriever, or a collie in that situation, they would be just as aggressive.

In our line of work, we have come upon mushes of pit bulls, who want nothing more than to be pet and to lick your face, while the labs and collies snarl at us, and vice versa.

Raise a dog in a loving home and the dog will be as gentle as a blanket. Raise the dog in a violent home and the dog will become aggressive. 

Please do not punish the breed for our mistakes in raising them. They do not deserve the reputation they have. Please sign today to let New York officials know that we will not stand for BSL. 

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