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FGM must be extinguished

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Our demandsA clear worldwide consent is required for effective measure against FGM: 'Female Genital Mutilation is a crime! We do not tolerate it anywhere!' The United Nations should pass such a resolution in the name of all of their member states – and ensure that the public will be informed about it. So that nobody can claim any longer that he/she did not know that FGM is a crime!Laws without loopholes – strict enforcementFemale Genital Mutilation is actually either directly or indirectly prohibited in many countries. The problem is that the laws often contain loopholes. So far orderly investigations on a wider scale have only taken place in France.1. FGM must be classified as a crime and it needs to be defined precisely – so that there are no more doubts on what is considered as a genital mutilation and what not2. FGM must be prosecuted consequently – regardless of the offender's citizenship regardless of the victim's citizenship regardless of the place where the crime took place. Anybody in the world must be held responsible under all circumstances for the genital mutilation of a girl.3. Every suspect of a genital mutilation must lead to obligatory (!) criminal investigations4. A gynaecological examination of a possible victim and her sisters must become a compulsory part of investigations – regardless of the consent of their parents


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