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On March 5th, we will celebrate Jeffrey's 26th Birthday! The only problem with that is that on March 5th six years ago (Jeffrey's 20th Birthday), he was diagnosed with Acute Mylogenous Leukemia. Though he fought with hope, faith and courage, he was lost to us before he reached 21. Jeffrey is my child, and I'm pretty sure I know what his Birthday Wish would be if he were here this year ... it would be to find a cure for Leukemia. I know that because he said to me, "Mom, there's a plan for this. Maybe I will get well and then help others with Leukemia. Or, maybe I won't. Then, you can."  That's why I founded Jeffrey's Voice and at Jeffrey's Voice, we know that the best way to help those struggling with these wretched diseases today, and those yet to come is to find a cure ... to reach the day when no more are lost, when all remissions are permanent, and when finally there is a cure.

As we celebrate Jeffrey on March 5th, will you help make his Birthday Wish come true? Will you consider a donation of just $26 for each of his 26 years, or any other amount, smaller or larger, because, you see, each and every dollar makes a difference in the fight for a cure.

Together, we will find a cure for this wretched disease and rid the world of it forever. For all of those lost, for those fighting today, and for those yet to come, please join me in the fight.

Thank you,

Nancy Horne


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