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Vote by 1 Click for "Asociatia Pro Pet" & SHARE the link

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How this will help

Please help and VOTE ! Just 3 clicks are needed !

Just click 1. the link below and than click 2. on "Donate 1 Click" for "Asociatia Pro Pet" and 3. please also SHARE it to your timeline and to your friends !

It does not cost anything and helps "Asociatia Pro Pet" to win !

Maybe it will ask you to log in with your FB login... just do it and you can vote!

10,000 USD to be donated to 5 charities:

The current "Global Edition" campaign, will last until March 21st 2013 and is providing five donations, to be given to the nonprofits that will gather more clicks from their fans: the first one will get a 3.000 USD donation, the second one 2.500 USD, the third 2.000 USD, the fourth 1.500 USD and the fifth 1.000 USD.

If "Asociatia Pro Pet" will be one of the winners, many dogs can get food 

Thank you in advance !

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