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"The Stand" is a campaign for clean drinking water that launched in January of 2013 by childhood friends Jack Hannigan (21) and Trent Ventura (24) of Myrtle Beach, SC. Their love for God and people mixed with a genuine passion to make a difference in the world, inspired the idea to do something beyond the ordinary! On September 1st, 2013 they will depart from Wrightsville, NC to embark on a nearly 500 mile, multi-state, stand-up paddle board journey, ending in Jacksonville, FL. The paddle will take place on the Inter-Coastal Waterway where they plan to paddle between 10 and 20 miles each day for approximately a month and a half. How does this make a difference in anyones life you may ask? Each evening when the daily paddle is concluded they will have opportunities to speak in churches, high schools, and universities to spread awareness and inspire young adults/teens to "take a stand" to help the thirsty of the world! As the clock ticks, every 20 seconds a child dies of a water-related illness. "The Stand" has partnered with Living Water International in attempts to raise 1 million dollars by their arrival in Jacksonville, mid-October of 2013. Every penny raised will go to Team Living Water where their expertise is in providing the lowly with clean water. "The Stand" believes that together, with the help of the community, we can set back the clock on water related deaths, and ultimately make an impact on this world.  Help make a difference today by donating.

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