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WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: make it illegal for feedlots to force cattle to consume Zilmax, an unnecessary drug, intravenously, orally or anally.

Currently, feedlots are forcing cattle to consume Zilmax. This drug, intended for people, causes cattle to bulk up quickly as a means for profit and nothing more. This further reduces animal quality of life.

It's no secret that feedlots are distributing any variety of "drug cocktails" under the guise of keeping these animals "healthy" while still finding ways to maintain the most rapid animal growth possible.

Feedlots do not have the welfare of the animal in mind, nor do they care much for those who choose to consume this meat as they are seemingly uninterested in providing a quality product.

While there are a million things wrong with "big ag," feedlots/factory farms and the over consumption of meat, if we want to make true change, we're going to have to tackle it one issue at a time

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Nikki Hansen

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If you care about what you eat, and what the meat you eat eats - then this is an issue that concerns you. Change happens in small and simple ways. You can help by starting here. 

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