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Take back black media by Fighting for THE POWER (SiriusXM 128)

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Join me on my pledge to take back Black Media.Fight for THE POWER (SiriusXM 128) Get Rob Redding [,] and Kojo Nnamdi, Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine back on the air, in their time spots. (CALL Sirius

212-584-5100;.Jeremy Coleman, SVP, Talk and Entertainment Programming, Scott Greenstein, Customer service [to cancel your subscription]  is 1-866-528-7474Fight for the "Power (128!)" POST TO SIRIUS

Allow me to give you some background:  Much of news that comes to the African-American market is controlled by the mainstream media. The Root, is owned by the Washington Post Company (a company who I used to work for as a reporter.) BET is owned by Viacom; Essence is owned by Time Warner, Black Voices is owned by AOL. The sad fact is, with the exception of a few, most of these black media interest were at one point owned and operated by African-American. THIS MEANS that we control our own interest, report in a manner of what is important to the black community. Our interested is resonated by us; not dictated to us.WHAT IS MY POINT. Currently, I am the editor-at-large for a online news site, Rob Redding, our Publisher and CEO has been a journalist for over 18-years. I have known him ever since he broke into the industry, in Washington, DC. Since then he has written 4 books. (His book "Not a Nonviolent Negro" is due out March 5.) He has a #2 dance album in the country and was voted one of the most influential black broadcaster in America. Well, he had a syndicated Radio show on The Power SiriusXM 128, until the management team deiced to take him off the air. Rob Redding was on THE POWER 128. Management at SiriusXM had the bright idea to take Rob off a prime-time spot Monday through Friday and replace him with B. Smith (the black restaurant entrepreneur) and her husband. They talk about cooking and relationships. BTW the station is no longer the POWER it the Urban View. Really? What is Sirius really trying to say? Is this some clandestine attempt to demote black talk radio? Tell them to leave "The Power 128;" alone. POST ON


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