Sign the Petition to People who want to end the military killing of women and children.

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This was the February 13, 2013 news headline the day after the President of the U.S.'s State of the Union address...

"Five Afghan Children Among Ten Civilians Killed in NATO/US Drone Attack" "Four women and five children were killed, and five children wounded."

Read the entire story here...

We demand that this case be brought to the U.S. Supreme Court and/or Mr. Obama so that a thorough investigation is conducted and those responsible are held accountable for this violation of International Law, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the One World Declaration of Peace.

We demand an end to war crimes against humanity involving civilians, women, and children such as these...

Sign this petition to stand that these criminal acts of violence end. There is no such thing as acceptable collateral killing of innocent people. Stand up for an end to drone killings. Stand up for an end to war now. This is not self-defense. Demand justice and peace in this case and that violence like this cease. The power is in our hands to make it stop and to further the cause of peace.


Seth D. King

President of the United States Division

United People for Peace


P.S. The "One World Declaration of Peace" petition is online now at


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