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Please help me stop the negative view so many people have about young drivers! It angers and saddens me to hear someone reply to the news of another young life being taken behind the wheel as SPEED BEING THE CAUSE I want people to STOP, THINK BEFORE YOU JUDGE!! The young can too lose their life in a car through no fault of their own which many of us regard as "an accident" but for some reason people come to their own conclusions when they hear it was a young driver they always presume their death would have happened due to speeding!! For my Sister and all the other young victims who die on our roads in "accidents that were unavoidable" it's an insult to hear the word speeding even brought up in connection with their loss  of life, so I want to raise awareness and try and stop people from branding all young drivers as reckless as this for so many is not the case!! A loss of life young or old deserves two things and that's sympathy and respect so I need your help in changing how others think with regards to young drivers being killed as I know my sister wasn't speeding or driving reckless at the time of her crash she was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time at an accident black spot so PLEASE PLEASE Take a few mins to invite your friends to join my cause in memory of my Clare and all the other young people who have tragically had their life cut short through no fault of their own behind the wheel! Just ask yourself this if it was your brother or sister would you want them to be forgotten about? I can't imagine you would so hence why this cause means so much to me and for people to stop brandishing all young losses of life to have been speed related we need to make people realise this remark and judgement is so very wrong! As "NOT ALL YOUNG DRIVERS DIE THROUGH SPEEDING!" So let's do all we can to be their Voices and together we will be heard!! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for joining and inviting your friends it's nice to know people care and want to help me with my cause!! :-) xxxx


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