Sign the Petition to Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Connecticut State Legislators

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The governor is proposing a $5 million budget cut of funds that currently help to support Connecticut after-school programs.  Without state funding, many of these programs would have to close, leaving thousands of children to fend for themselves between the critical after-school hours of 3pm to 6pm.  

However, this cut will occur at the same time the governor is proposing $1.5 BILLION in financing for the University of Connecticut, to refurbish its facilities and campus. The $5 million that currently supports Connecticut after-school is a tiny fraction of this amount, yet helps to provide students with the academic skills needed to gain admittance to Connecticut's prestigious state university system – a system ultimately created for Connecticut students. 

Students, parents, educators and concerned Connecticut citizens, urge the governor not to eliminate the state-funded $5 million after-school grant that impacts dozens of after-school programs, and thousands of children, throughout Connecticut.

Connecticut After-School programs provide children of all backgrounds with:

1.  A safe and secure after-school haven for children of working families.

2.  Essential academic assistance and remediation for students who need help with homework or who are non-traditional learners.

3. Science, Technology, English, Math (STEM) and arts enrichment programs that broaden the horizons of every child with hands-on, experiential learning that makes a life-long impact

4. Access to computer resources that help to lessen the constantly widening digital divide that makes poor children and families more disadvantaged than ever

5. Training in the 21st century skills that will lead to an educated, competent workforce

6.  Physical fitness activities that help to combat childhood obesity and develop a lifelong commitment to fitness and healthy nutrition

7.  Assistance to parents, especially ELL parents, in navigating the often complex and intimidating world of public education

8.  Behavioral supports that lead to success in school, at home and in the community

9.  Another level of intervention for students suffering from the emotional issues caused by abuse, neglect, bullying, etc.

Whether or not your child participates in after-school programs please understand the importance it has for so many children statewide. Help us ask Governor Malloy to protect the funding for these programs. 


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