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Dear Facebook,

You wouldn't let people make pages that are hurtful and hateful toward people based on nationality, ethnical group, culture, religion, age, or gender, would you? Why should it be allowed for LGBT people. Myself and other people have tried reporting certain facebook pages such as Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride ( as hateful. There are posts and comments on that page as well as many others that ARE hurtful and hateful.

I've posted comments on such pages for example on a picture on Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride depicting lgbt as people who are lazy and bully straight people I commented that I am a lgbt christian and that I have 2 jobs and a fiance and live a rather wholesome life, and this comment was removed. Why? Because I am LGBT. No other reason. If I state that I am LGBT on any pages like that either my comments are removed, or I am blocked from posting or commenting on the page.

When I try reporting these pages, posts, or even comments that are laced with hate and malice, I recieve feedback that there is nothing in them that violates Facebook's community standards.

Do you really have standards that allow a certain group of people and supporters of that group of people to find content on facebook that can reduce them to tears?

Though everyone does have the freedom of speech and the right to their opinion, they should not have the right to hurt, bully, or otherwise harm people on Facebook.

Pages like Heterosexuals Inspiring Pride have turned from "inspiring pride". They are inspiring and promoting hate.

I believe that we can do something about this, to make Facebook a better website for all of its users. 

Help us to end LGBTQ Hatred.

Sincerely, Skylar Carroll


Skyler Hyunmin Noh II

Discrimination and/or hateful actions or words against people based upon age, race, ethnical background, or gender is not acceptable. Why should it be acceptable for LGBTQ people? Facebook has many pages full of people posting hateful comments, photos, etc. Lets put an end to this.

Yes they have the right to their opinion. I however do not believe they have the right to discriminate and be hateful and hurtful. Sign if you agree that no one deserves discrimination.


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