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because this happened to us ..they chose a single woman who has been married 3xs but can't get a 3rd divorce and has no income but using fiances income owns nothing,,No relationship stability or income. They refused us and the 2 we adopted visitation rights.We now know why because that was all they had to stand on is she didn't know us or her siblings..they purposely lied on the match report which we proved them wrong but the judge wouldnt even let us submit it..we contacted everyone from the case worker to IG Pam Bondi Gov R Scott congressmen and senators and they all said they had to stand behind DCF no matter if they were wrong...this has to stop..DCF and their subcontractors should have to answer to someone Tim Reed inTallahassee just sends it down the now our 2 can't have their sister and we had to pay for attorney when she recieved a free one...THEY WON'T GROW UP TOGETHER AND IT MAKES US ALL REALLY SAD AND WORRIED FOR HER as her big brother says she should be able to have a good life too with us...I tried son I really tried..We are a retired military family  28 yrs of service,,,married on 8/1/81 we just want to keep them together...


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