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British Columbia, Canada and Governor General of Canada; Remove Discrimination after Death, Promote Dignity and Respect for Marnie Frey!

Marnie Frey was a Canadian woman who deserves dignity! Let us fight for her dignity! Remove sexual discrimination and promote respect for Marnie Frey. She is one of the many women that were brutally murdered on Pickton's farm. She deserves peace and respect from British Columbia, Accountability from the Coroner and Canada! 

Time to view Victims as Victims in Canada; her drug habit and street life didn't define her as a person; she was a human being, she had dreams, and she is a woman; a life giver! She had a family, parents and friends that loved her! She is a Canadian woman and died a Violent Death on Pickton's Farm in British Columbia and deserves dignity upon her death, respect and acknowledgement with accountability by the Coroner, including the Justice System of British Columbia. We, the people demand justice for her, because she has no voice. We the people are her voice! Let us demand justice and give her Respect and Peace!


Sharon Jimmy-Swustesia

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She needs our support for human rights, justice, and dignity, even after her death! Let us become her voice for justice, please sign. 


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