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"Everyone has the right to freedom of movement."

- Article 13, UN Human Rights Charter

For several years, UPA donors have supported a team of runners using the name "Iqra'a" to fund education projects in Palestine. Now you have the chance to help raise awareness of the plight of Palestinians by supporting the first marathon in Palestine.

It is no secret that Palestinians living under Israeli occupation cannot travel freely. Their movement is controlled by the Israeli military through a complex set of roadblocks, checkpoints, military zones, a wall and discriminatory laws. Where a person can go depends on their ID, whether they have a permit, which city they belong to or who they are married to.

What better way to highlight the lack of movement than to hold a marathon in Palestine? Right to Movement, a non-profit organization based in Denmark, is doing just that. They are holding the first Palestinian marathon on April 21st, 2013, which they hope will become an annual event.

In organizing the marathon, Right to Movement could not find a 42-kilometer route in the West Bank. Instead, the marathon will start at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem and consist of four loops around the city.

To help them make the first marathon a success, UPA is partnering with Right to Movement to raise a portion of the funds they need – for security, road blocking, timing technology and behind-the-scenes preparation.

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