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We as Canadians must demand change at Parliament hill by showing our outrage at the slap on the wrist approach to penalizing the three disgraced MPs: Senator Patrick Brazeau, Senator Mike Duffy & Senator Mac Harb. By not holding the three accountable to fiduciary crimes against the nation and simply repaying the monies with interest Ottawa is once again setting a bad precedent. Senator Patrick Brazeau has since been charged with sexual assault & assault but keeps 132,000 dollar annual salary. Is this the caliber of the people we need in our highest organizations? 

The laws for the rich and the poor, for the powerful and the powerless should be the same. The Senate's internal audit into the claims of its own members is a sham. How can an organization so deeply mis-managed and exposed to the public for it be allowed to investigate itself?

This is not a partisan cause but a cause that benefits all Canadians.  NDP Leader Thomas Mulclair has described the Senate as " a vestigial organ that can be safely removed without any harm to the body" I concur with this assessment. It is time to demand respect and accountability for ourselves and our future generations to come.

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Take Democracy back. The Senate is an unelected body. Goverment of the people, by the people, for the people. We stand to save $90 million a year. Let's give ourselves a much needed tax break!

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