Sign the Petition to Watertown, Wisconsin officials intstituting pit bull owner restrictions


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 The prejudicail restrictions should not be enacted.

We need to all stick together on this every one see if we can fight this. so they can not do this do us this is a bunch of crap every one read this ASAP Please Pass this to aminal lovers all over the world get the word out we are not going to put up with BSL Thank you

this is so sad in my own town none the less in WI My dogs are the best ever and would hurt no one its not the breed its not the dog it the deed and the owners look at the other end of the leash STOP BSL 

i wont to get the word out about this every were if you look us up we are just a lil lil town in WI we are not big like were all the other BSL stuff have been going on all of this need to stop I have 3 amazing babys and there my world and i love them very much there would hurt any one at all there big babys and winers its not the breed its the deed and the owners



Kelsey Rose Odgers

Breed specific legislation is wrong. We need to be a voice for dogs who
have no voice. There are 44 registered pit bulls in Watertown. It took
decades for humans to have equal rights legally. We have passed laws to
protect people from being discriminated against by their race. Judging a
dog by its breed is like judging a human its race. It is ethically


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