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Over 60 years ago, the Korean's had a civil war between north and south, with north Korea attacking south Korea. A nation divided in 2. Now north Korea are starting to use Nuclear Weapons. In 1950 operation Ripper was founded to take back south Korea from the communist north Korea, the US IX and X corps pushed them back to the 38th parallel but stopped there. Instead of stopping they should of kept going and cleared out north Korea.

We now do NOT know what is happening there with Kim Jong-Un in power.

All we need to do is spread this knowlegde and tell the world what is happening.


Josh Flegg

We need to allow people to know what is happening, once we get to 1 million signatures, i will send this off the; English government, the US government and the UN. We need to stop north Korea before its too late, Its now or never, your signature will say that you know we need to stop north Korea before IT IS TOO LATE.

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