Sign the Petition to Louise Beck Properties

Based on the present facts:

1.   Louise Beck Properties, Inc. led by manager Adam Brown, is trying to evict B. Ledford, a Native American Korean War Veteran who turns 82 in June 2013. 

2.   Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties are on notice that Mr. Ledford has a serious health condition and that a move right now would be detrimental to his health (according to Mr. Ledford's doctor). 

3.   Adam Brown and Louise Beck Properties are also on notice that Mr. Ledford and his wife only need to  stay in their home until July 2013. 

4.   Despite these facts Mr. Brown and Louise Beck Properties brought suit against the Ledfords in November of 2012 falsely claiming that they did not pay their rent.  The magistrate ruled in favor of the Ledfords based on clear evidence presented showing that rent was paid on time. 

5.   Despite requests to settle matters, Mr. Brown and Louise Beck Properties filed yet another Summons and Complaint in Summary Eviction.  An appeal is scheduled for May 1, 2013. 

Our requests:

1.   Acknowledge that Korean War Veteran, Mr. Ledford, like all elders, deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. 

2.  Acknowledge that Mr. Ledford experiences at present a great deal of stress due to the ongoing harassment by Louise Beck Properties, and that this only prevents him from gaining the strength he needs to overcome his serious illness.

3.  Allow him to live in peace and allow him to enjoy his life. 

4.  Allow Mr. Ledford to stay in his home until the end of July, 2013 without further harassment.


April Ledford

Mr. Ledford's health is fragile and the fear of being tossed from his present home causes him ongoing worry and distress.  This not only creates a continuous disturbance to his peace of mind and quiet enjoyment of the premises, it prevents him from sleeping and from successfully fighting his illness.

Signing this petition will send a message to Louise Beck Properties and other landlords who lack compassion that mistreatment of tenants is not acceptable. 

Signing this petition will help Mr. Ledford and other tenants realize they are not alone. 

More signatures create a profound statement.  Please help Mr. Ledford send a message -- not only to Louise Beck Properties -- but to all unjust landlords that we no longer live in feudal times and that tenants, especially senior citizens, possess a right to live in peace. 


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