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Deliver testimony in support of Hawaiian language television by Wednesday morning.

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How this will help

E nā hoa kākoʻo mau i kēia kiʻina hoʻōla ʻōlelo a moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi ma o ka pāpaho "Na Ka Hawaiʻi, No Ka Hawaiʻi", e alu mai i ka hāpai i kēia i mua ma ka hoʻouna i manaʻo kākoʻo i ka pila SB1235.

To all those who continue to support our efforts to use the power of the media for the benefit of our ʻōlelo and moʻomeheu Hawaiʻi, please join us in supporting SB1235.

The non-profit partner, Makauila, that produces much of the ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi content for ʻOiwi TV has a bill set for a public hearing this Thursday at 9am. I am humbly asking for testimony in support of this bill as it would help to provide a reliable baseline funding source for our Hawaiian television initiative. This money is needed to allow for long-term strategic planning instead of the short-term "how we gonna pay the bills" strategy we have had to employ to grow this initiative over recent years. If we are to realize the true vision of a station for the nation, we need your kōkua.

Please visit this webpage for all of the information and directions you need to kākoʻo:
Submitting testimony can be as quick as one minute using the online submission link.

There is a draft testimony template, all you have to do is fill in your name and information and send in.

All testimony needs to be submitted by 9am Wednesday HST.

Please share this email and webpage with anyone you think would kākoʻo.

Mahalo nui for your continued support and aloha for ʻŌiwi TV!

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