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The University of California currently has investments in the fossil fuels industry, including coal mining and burning, petroleum extraction, and natural gas extraction.  The Associated Students of California call upon the Regents of the University of California, in its commitment to leadership in sustainability, to divest from fossil fuels by taking the following actions regarding the General Endowment Pool (GEP):

Instruct asset managers to stop any new investment in fossil fuel companies; andTake appropriate steps to ensure that, within 5 years, none of its directly held or commingled assets include holdings in fossil fuel public equities and corporate bonds as found on the Carbon Tracker list; andRelease quarterly updates, both detailing progress made towards full divestment and providing information on the holdings of the endowment pool and of index funds within the GEP.

The University of California has affirmed its commitment to "responsible stewardship of resources and to demonstrating leadership in sustainable business practices," and to having a "net zero impact on the Earth's climate"[1]. We urge the Regents to abide by this statement and divest from fossil fuels.

And on May 16, 2013, we--the students of the University of California--went going to the Regents to ask them to divest! With the presence of every UC, the multitude of signatures on our petition, and the kind of support and media this movement has gotten so far, we made an impression!

July 14-16, we're going again to the Regents to present to them a report on why they should divest.

Then again in September we'll make our presence known as we try to get on the agenda!

[1] "Sustainable Practices Policy":


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