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UEFA Chief Michel Platini

Mr. Platini, 

It is no secret that Serie A is, and has been the center of match fixing, and that Juventus is a prime example of this. Revoking 2 of their titles, relegating them to a lower division, and banning them from European competition is a slap on the wrist, and is without a doubt ineffective in the action of driving match fixing out of football.

 Moreover, "punishing" them in this manner has shown the rest of the world that the match fixing issue hasn't been taken seriously, and therefore encouraging it to spread, afflicting more leagues.

Please take APPROPRIATE measures, such as extreme financial sanctions, as well as close monitoring of progress by Interpol, and UEFA inquisitors.

Thank you.


Kevin Murphy

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If you are a fan, and love your team, you would want them protected from the evils of match fixing. Let all of us fans come together, and cheer for the same team: Team Fair play.

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