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Panacea Adventures offers programs that teach specific skills to navigate the outdoors and life. For young people (between 13 and 18) who's financial situation limits their access to other outdoor programs, Panacea Adventures offers Youth Leading the Way (YLW)- a 12 day expedition which provides leadership opportunities through didactic and hands on a curricula. YLW have been statistically evaluated and shown to make a notable positive impact in reducing depression, increasing self-confidence, raising levels of autonomy and an increasing ability to engage in positive interpersonal relationships. 

For individuals with physical barriers such as chronic illness or disabilities, Panacea Adventures offers Discovery Camps. The duration and intensity of the adventures at the Discovery Camps are adapted to the needs of each participant group. Discovery Camps accesses optimum enjoyment as well as teaches the skills necessary to continue outdoor pursuits. Panacea Adventures has had great success with the Healing Ocean program- a 3 day camp for individuals (and their families) with Cystic Fibrosis. 

Please help us raise $12,000 for the summer 2013 season. Your money will go directly to providing scholarships to students who meet the federal poverty guidelines and/or for individuals who physical situation limits access to outdoor pursuits. 

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