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Help DAA fight HIV/AIDS in Indonesia

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As many among you know by now, this April and May we'll be organizing HIV prevention workshops and will be creating a new interactive website for employees in the hospitality industry in Bali, Indonesia, where new HIV infections are rising as fast as in some African countries. We don't get any subsidies from official organizations (we either work too local or too international according to their rules and most don't really understand how working online using pop culture works), so we tried crowd funding, as solidarity is very popular these days and asking people for a 5 US$ donation doesn't seem that extreme. We wrote & shared to (literally!) millions of people and that resulted in 9 donations (mostly by friends) in the last 2 months, totaling 250 US$. Not enough really. So this got me wondering why (not): Maybe people don't care about the situation in Indonesia? Do they  feel that Designers against AIDS is rich enough (we wish!) and should pay these workshops out of their own pocket (which we partly do already, as all salaries and the new website are paid for by us and all students attend for free)? Or maybe people get so many requests for support these days by organizations that they simply click away again? I guess we'll never know the answer. Any help/suggestions will be appreciated and there are still 6 days to donate, but we need a miracle to reach our 20.000 US$ tipping point by then...

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