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Break the silence on SGBV against women in the eastern DRC, by raising awareness about the issue in

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The eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has been deemed the rape capital of the world, by recognized international institutions such as the UN. Under the climate of civil war, women of all ages are falling victims of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV) primarily by armed men. These perpetrators are comitting some of the worst imaginable atrocities against their victims, with crimes ranging from gang rape, mutilation, to shoving sticks and objects into the vaginas. As a result, the majority of surviving victims end up contracting STDS such as HIV, and get rejected by their families and community members. The perpetrators on the other hand suffer no repercussions. The high level of impunity in the region, facilitated by corruption, allows these men to continue abusing civilians freely. As a result, this brutal and inhumane cycle of destruction continues. There are, however, agents of change in this situation. Dr. Denis Mukwege, who is the founder and lead surgeon of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, DRC, happens to be one of them. He treats these victims of SGBV in his hospital, free of charge, due to financial support his hospital receives from international donors. Help me in supporting Panzi Hospital, which provides a haven for these women during their medical recovery, by donating whatever you can afford to this cause. Through my non-for-profit organization "Hands for the Heart Charitable Organization," which aims to raise awareness about the conflicts happening in eastern DRC, I would like to raise a minimum of $2000 for Panzi Hospital. Join in the cause, by supporting financially, so we can make this happen. Finally, sign the pledge to break the silence on SGBV against Conglese women in the eastern DRC, and remember to visit the following links:



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