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SAFE Rescue... who we are and what we do.
By Kelly Hare in Safe Rescue Group;
Safe rescue is a relatively new, yet growing, group of people who work to save dogs from all over the world in perilous si...tuations. The majority of our work takes place in Romania but we have also rescued dogs from Spain, Greece and Turkey.... we have also saved a few cats. Our intention is to take dogs from countries where they have suffered neglect and abuse in their past and stand little or no chance of being offered a good home in the future. We endeavour to bring them to reputable UK rescues with non-destruction and home check policies. When we are able we also bring dogs to foster and rehome in the name of safe rescue... the majority of these are assessed in my home before they are moved on to more suitable foster or forever homes. Our intention is to not only get these animals the future they always deserved but in doing so we hope to educate people of the plight of dogs in other European countries in the hope that one day something can be done to change things for the better.

There are so many different scenarios from which we have taken dogs that it is difficult to sumarise why we are all driven to help. Perhaps some of the worst cases we deal with are the public shelter dogs in Romania.... these so called 'shelters' offer a barren life in filthy, cramped conditions where abuse is commonplace and food is scarce...many dogs die of starvation or disease. No dog lover could fail to be affected by the pictures that emerge from these stark places.... every pair of eyes shows misery, deprivation and loss of hope. To rescue any dog from these shelters is costly... but I have fostered many of those we've saved and I can assure you that the costs fades into insignificance when the character and the life returns to these beautiful dogs.

To those new to the group please read the stories and the posts and stick around and help where you can. There are many things we CAN'T do to save any dog in need but there is very little we WON'T do. We need fund raisers, transporters, fosterers..... and if you are unable to help with any of these sometimes we just need some light-hearted conversation and a little friendly banter to keep us sane from all the hard hitting stuff.

We hope you find our group friendly, productive and dedicated..... and sometimes we're a little bit funny  If you have any questions about any of our work please do contact Kelly Hare, Mihaela Ad White or Suzy Goffredo Morris and any one of us will happily help where we can. Thankyou for being here xxxx.


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