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Strengthen the weakest links, within the mental health services systems for children, and support th

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I'm establishing a foundation called Child Heal 2 Thrive. It's mission:

To enhance the lives of children, and their families, who struggle
with mental health illness and emotional instabilities, through effective,
engaged care coordination, early, comprehensive access to treatment and services, legislation reform, insurance reform, legal representation and advocacy. Regardless of origin: nature, nurture or environmental, trauma or chemical, a network of trained professionals and caring, been-there, done-that experience is critical to guide the necessary healing process. My foundation will overcome the void that currently exists in this process and will foster the road to thrive for each child, and their families. We're here to support, guide, and advocate and believe in you, and help you effectively navigate the mental health services environment.

I ask you to show your support for change by 'Taking the Pledge', contacting your legislators and your state's departments of mental health. Mental illness is not a hush-hush, family matter anymore. It can impact us all. Please get involved. Help us raise awareness and resources to engage change. Your involvement will help foster 'real' healing, legislative and insurance reform and a healthier society.

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