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President Goodluck Jonathan

We the citizens of this great Nation Nigeria call on you Mr President  to immediately negotiate with the Libyan Government and commence the evacuation of every single Nigerian holed up in the most appalling human rights abuses meted out to our citizens in that country. The citizens of our great country Nigeria did not vote for you to remind you that Nigerians are being killed every single day in Libya. It is equally not their fault that they decided to leave the country and travel on foot through the sahara desert to look for greener pastures outside the shores of our country. Mr President, it is totally unacceptable to us that in the mist of plenty, our citizens due to poverty and lack of basic amenities that we do not have in Nigeria will finally flee from our country to end up in a country as hostile as Libya only to be dehumanised and killed without any response from your Government. Where has diplomacy gone, at least to reign in on any Government that maltreats your citizens no matter the circumstance?.

You were the first African leader to recognise the rebel led Government in Libya but you did not follow through, with action to completely evacuate all our citizens still holed up in the most appualing human rights abuses that our citizens continue to go through in that country. At the last count, information has it that there are still more than 7000 Nigerians currently stranded in Libya with many of them kept in the same detention camps with Terrorist, criminals and rapists. In a particular detention camp and according to a Nigerian girl detained in one of these camps, they currently have almost 500 Nigerians in one detention camp alone with 20 heavily pregnant Nigerian women in this camp alone. Now more than one year you endorsed the new Government in Libya, you have done nothing meaningful to secure the release of our citizens being daily abused, raped and killed in various detention camps in Libya.

As we said above, more that 500 Nigerians are in a partiular detention camp with 20 Nigerian girls pregnant. To put it in a better perspective, you have to listen to this latest development recorded few weeks ago.

We urge you to bring back our citizens languishing in various detention camps in Libya and rehabilitate them, we cannot be claiming Giant of Africa when we are fast loosing our respect globally let alone Africa.

We are also learning that our Embassy in Libya is not doing anything to assist our citizens at least based on what the girl interviewed in the youtube video above said. 


Anthony Akabogu

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*President Goodluck Jonathan was the first African leader to recognize the rebel led insurgence that killed Gaddafi yet these rebels were busy killing Nigerians whom they said were part of...

*President Goodluck Jonathan was the first African leader to recognize the rebel led insurgence that killed Gaddafi yet these rebels were busy killing Nigerians whom they said were part of Gaddafi's mercenaries. None of these false allegations had been proven only but that these killings of Nigerians are driven out of hate for Nigerians.

*These Nigerians who left our country through sahara desert were simply caught in between the war and today all of them have been traumatised and psychological dead. Most have been killed simply because those that should have cared for them which is you Mr President has done absolutely nothing to apply our so called giant of Africa mantra to seek for their release through the Libyan authorities. Today we know what the French Government is doing to evacuate their citizens from Nigeria due to Boko Haram yet nothing is being done diplomatically to secure the release of our citizens in Libya.


Why Nigerians were massacred in Libya – Okoduwa

*7,125 Nigerians Currently trapped in Tripoli airport and another 5,315 in Benghazi calls for immediate evacuation

*Libya: Nigerian envoy flees, Abandons 7,000 stranded Nigerians


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