Sign the Petition to Students and staff of Sussex University

This petition closed about 1 year ago

Due to the policies that Michael Farthing has adopted and endorsed on our university, we believe that he should leave. With plans to have 18,000 students by 2020 when schools are already facing more students and funding cuts is unrealistic and possibility damaging for the dynamic of our university. We are proud of be one of the most political and alternative universities in the country as well as our academic reputation.

With previous plans to shut down the Chemistry department (which was ranked best in the country) to the current plans to privatise university services, Farthing has displayed a face of ignorance and neglect to the issues that both students and staff find pressing. 

A profiteering Vice- Chancellor such as Farthing is doing nothing but jeopardizing our status as a university and as a community. 

Remember Sussex is nothing without the students and staff, we need to be heard!


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