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Speak up when I see or hear an act of abuse and/or violence, bullying, intimidation

This pledge closed about 4 years ago

How this will help

Please click to support and take the pledge today to be a voice for those who have none. It is updated through the collected CPS records provided to the Federal Children's Bureau Statistics, 1 in every 9 CHILDREN, are harmed by some form of maltreatment every day. CDC reports 1 in every 4 homes is dealing with some form of abuse or violence. These behaviors have been passed down and taught throughout centuries; it is time for us to be 'Generation No More'!!! We can make a choice to continue ignoring what's happening within our families and the victims who have no power or resources of help to support them. Please be aware, speak up, and never turn away from the cries for help again. Ending the generational cycle of child abuse and/or family/relationship violence can be done, but only when WE DECIDE TOGETHER as ONE HUMAN RACE to stop this growing plague of MAN MADE CANCER eating away at our moral fortitude!!! Click here to give you voice in this cause. If you would like to join our 'Generation No More' open forum discussions, please visit; We appreciate your support and participation. Be sure to catch our talk radio broadcast EVERY MONDAY EVENING, 9pm est/ 8pm cst/ 6pm pst - Please share your thoughts or opinions on our open forum. Remember we take ideas for our blog talk radio from the forum and other listener submissions. How can we empower you to be part of this very important step to provide our children a better, safer world tomorrow? Thank you, trish


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