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The purpose of this petition is to get enough signatures from fans in North America to hopefully bring about the return of Blutengel, and open up the possibility for more dates and venues around the continent. The more fans that sign this petition, the more support we show, the more we spread the music of Blutengel, and the more we actively inquire at venues, the more likely we are to get them to come back.

The logistics of putting together a tour a whole hemisphere away include transportation across the Atlantic (hopefully passports don't need to be renewed), room and board while abroad, transportation while abroad, they have to eat and stay hydrated, the cost of multiple venues, cost of shipping merchandise (and hoping it arrives to the venue on time), cost of shipping any props - remember most of the venues were clubs and not open air sites so that means no pyrotechnics at shows.  And I'm sure there are plenty more things that need to be sorted and figured out well before any dates are planned.  Now factor in how many people will be traveling, getting paid, etc. and you have a tour that costs so much money with only a few dates, that tickets sold alone cannot cover the cost of such an undertaking. Remember, this is a performer's livelihood - this is how they pay their bills!

So I am asking each and every fan of Blutengel/Terminal Choice/Tumor/Miss Construction/Seelenkrank/Pain of Progress/Chris, Ulli, Gordon/etc. to sign this petition and show them the love they deserve... and in turn hopefully they will pursue a tour in North America a second time.

Please sign and spread this petition, and spread the music of Blutengel.


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