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Governor General David Johnson

To the Honourable Governor General of Canada David Johnson,

We ask you to use your reserve powers, to remove Stephen Harper from office, since taking office in 2011 Stephen Harper, has made cuts to food inspection, placing all Canadian's health at risk.  He declared war on the environment, implemented omni bus bills without proper debate in the house of commons, or consulting the Canadian public.  His party used Robocalls and voter suppression in several key ridings, during the last election, to mislead non conservative voters, and prevent them from voting, and launched a cultural genocide on Canada's First Nation and Inuit Peoples.

Stephen Harper does not have Canada's best interest in mind, he has undermined Canadian democracy and democratic procedures, he is an embarrassment to the Country, Government, and the title of Prime Minister!


Angie McAvoy

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Stephen Harper is a threat to Canadian Democracy, to the future of Canada and generations to come!, We must put a stop to Harper now and restore Canadian Democracy!.


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