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We speak to ordinary Aussies all the time and they tell us they are tired of the government taking no notice of  We the People.  They tell us they want more say in how we are governed, and how our government should work.

Voters are looking for change. Now is the time to re-assert the sovereignty of the People and take control of our government. It's time to make the politicians directly responsible to We the People.


Until now, we have not been offered any solutions by the Politicians to the problems we face. Restore Australia offers a new vision for Australia through Constitutional change. Imagine a political system where we can hold the politicians accountable to the Voters who put them into power, and where we can recall a non-performing politician and hold a new election. This and much more is possible. But to achieve this, we must have the power to decide the type of government wewant.

We  have two goals:

1. To give all Australians greater control of our Constitution by amending Section 128 of the Constitution to give ALLAussies the right to initiate referendums. At the moment, only the politicians have this right and they are not exercising it on our behalf.


Armed with this right we can all work together to start carefully amending the Constitution to create the type of government We the People want: It's time to create a better future for our children.

2. To get all Australian voters involved in writing a whole new Constitution. We have produced aDraft Constitution ( already to give us a starting point. We urge everyone to download the Draft Constitution, read it, think about it, and suggest amendments on our Forum on our webpage


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