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Melodee Nevers owns a small group of chickens and a duck in Lee County.  They are her pets and have been raised from chicks. Now, Lee County Code Enforcement is demading that she relocate her beloved birds due to her the location of her home in a Residential neighborhood. 

Chickens are currently allowed in Urban and residential areas across the country. Portland Oregon, San Antonio Texas, Charlotte North Carolina, are only three of the 166 U.S. cities that support chicken flocks in urban neighborhoods. There are 11 cities in Florida alone that allow for backyard chicken coops, and in May, 2012 Orlando, passed their chicken pilot program due to overwhelming community support. 

We are petitioning to the Board of Commisioners in Lee County Florida to allow for the keeping of small poultry flocks, allowing for limitations, in residential neighborhoods. Suggested limitations could include the number of chicken that can be kept, size of coop, permits, presence of roosters, etc. 

The benefits of small scale backyard flocks are but not limited to:

1. A flock produces eggs higher in protein, vitamins and omega 3s and lower in cholesterol than eggs produced on factory farms. 

2. These eggs are produced without chemicals, hormones, medications, or antibiotics making them healthier great for those with allergies.

3. Chickens are a great way to control most common backyard pests including fleas and cockroaches. They will also eat many weeds to help control your yard.

4. Chickens produce wonderful compost. No more buying chemical fertilizers for your garden!

5. Communities benefit economically when families are able to produce their own food. This helps people to live sustainably and reduce the amount they spend on groceries. 

6. Garden centers, hardware stores, and pet stores will benefit when the poultry keeper needs supplies.

7. You only need two hens per family memeber to have enough eggs for your family. Some breeds will supply up to an egg a day.

Everyone benefits from the keeping of these wonderful dosile birds that only ask for a warm nest and a little scratch in return for all they give.

Lets help Melodee keep her flock of pets and allow small flocks in residentially, RS-1, zoned areas in Lee County, Florida.


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