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This Petition has been written with regard to the poorly run
Spay and Neuter Clinics that Animal Shelters use. Due to their use of
unhygienic practices and failure to follow standard veterinarian procedures,
such Clinics cause unnecessary pain and suffering to animals which ultimately
results in additional expenses incurred to Rescues and Adopters.

I rescued “Angie”, a female Akita from a shelter in 2008. In
keeping with Shelter policy, Angie was sent to a nearby Clinic for spaying
prior to my official adoption. I called the Shelter on several occasions prior
to her spaying as I was concerned with their choice of Clinics. I informed them
of my fears. Unfortunately my fears came to fruition. When I picked up Angie
after spaying, I asked the clinic for standard antibiotics and was surprisingly
refused. Later that evening, my newly adopted dog was lethargic next morning
started hemorrhaging and I was forced to rush her to my regular Veterinarian.
When all was said and done, my cost was in excess of over $800.00. All
unnecessary had proper procedures only been followed during the spaying.

In June 2011, I rescued a male Akita whom I named “Aiko”.
Prior to picking him up at the shelter; as is standard Shelter policy, he had
been neutered. When I entered the shelter, my new dog immediately relieved
himself in the lobby; bloody diarrhea and urine covered the floor in front of
me. Upon further examination, Aiko’s scrotum was swollen with blood covering
his entire genital area. I immediately returned to the Clinic that performed
the surgery. While I was in the waiting room with Aiko, another dog entered
with his owner…to my dismay with the very same issue! After the clinic gave
Aiko a short cursory examine I was given medication for him and sent on my way;
they acted as if this was nothing out of the norm. A day and 1/2 later, I
rushed Aiko to my own veterinarian’s office because the clinic who had neutered
him was closed. Aiko had abscessed. My vet stated this occurred due to his recent
surgery. Aiko was placed on a different medication to no avail and will now
require corrective surgery (to fix the problems caused by his initial poorly
performed neutering). This major surgery is estimated to cost in excess of over $5000.00 or more; all preventable had the clinic only followed proper

Sadly, similar issues, as the described above occur all too
frequently. I have therefore composed:  ‘ANGIE & AIKO’S’ Law.

Spaying and neutering is indeed important and should absolutely
be done. However, such surgeries must be performed in Clinics which follow
proper protocol and adhere to standard sterilization/hygienic practices. I have
been informed by several Vets throughout the years that such clinics, as
described in my experiences above are set up and run like an assembly line and
surgeries are often times performed in less than hygienic settings. As a
result, animals spayed and neutered in such places do not receive the proper
care they are so deserving of and as a result suffer unnecessarily. These
clinics must be held responsible - for not only providing a safe environment
for our animals but such Clinics must also be held responsible for additional
veterinarian costs which incur as a result of their negligence. Clinics do not
have the right to cause additional pain and suffering to animals.

I therefore ask that you join me in signing the enclosed
petition so that we can put an end to this! Animals cannot defend themselves
from such places – so we must do this for them!

Thank you so much for your attention to this important


Patti Sugarman

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How this will help

Please make people aware of this proceedure so they can try to put a stop to it immediately in each and every country, state, community.  Please contact your Congresspersons, leglislators inform...

Please make people aware of this proceedure so they can try to put a stop to it immediately in each and every country, state, community.  Please contact your Congresspersons, leglislators inform them we want change in the this proceedure and explain in your own word why you want change ask others to join in this cause.  Also contact PETA, Humane Society, ASPCA and other organization to stop this proceedure from continuing.  Please keep this going. Thank you


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