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listen on behalf of children and families during the State of the Union address.

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How this will help

On Tuesday at 9 pm Eastern, President Obama will give the annual State of the Union (SOTU) address, laying out his agenda for the year. In the wake of his re-election and at the start of his final term in office, it's a prime time for President Obama to ambitiously tackle some of America's most pressing challenges. If his most recent inaugural address is an indication of his agenda, then there's a real possibility that vulnerable children and families could be a focus.


Will you pledge to tune in on Tuesday night? Will you listen to the President's speech with an attention to specific plans for promoting child well-being and addressing the widespread poverty that compromises it?

Preventing child maltreatment involves ensuring that families have the stability to meet their children's basic needs and help them flourish. A plan that ensures resources are available to help families overcome health, mental health and substance abuse challenges; provide quality educational opportunities for their children; and secure economic self-sufficiency with housing, education, training and work supports is a plan that will keep children safely in families that nurture their healthy development.


After you pledge to listen to the SOTU on behalf of children and families, be sure to tell the President what you're up to. Direct a message on social media or contact the White House directly. Say that you too are concerned about vulnerable Americans and believe it's within our communal potential to end child maltreatment and poverty. Tell the President you want to hear his plans for leading this effort. And keep talking to the President about what you thought of his speech after he gives it.

Join human needs advocates across the country in tweeting messages to @WhiteHouse by using the hashtags, #TalkPoverty and #SOTU. Find additional information for joining the conversation and sending your message at: &


For some background on President Obama's relevant statements from his recent inaugural address, read this recent article on CWLA's Children's Monitor at:


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