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Pick up 3 pieces of litter per day.

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How this will help

On any given day, we are humbled by the true scope of the universe. If every person were to adopt the practice of "leaving it better," the planet on which we live would truly be a better place. 

The underlying idea behind "leaving it better" is for everyone to hold accountability for leaving a given space or person in a better state than you found it. This could simply be the act of kindness. It could be picking up a stray piece of litter in the street. It could be taking the time to help out your local charity.  It could be bringing your own mug for that morning coffee. HOW CAN YOU LEAVE IT BETTER?

Although we are miniscule in relation to the universe, the impact one person can have is HUGE.  I challenge you to leave it better. 

See if you can find yourself  in the universe here & think about the impact YOU can have:

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