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PMDD is a rare condition that only affects 3-8% of females during their Menstrual Cycle. It is so severe it not only affects their daily life's , it is so severe it affects education, work, relationships, social life, and mental health, it's a mood disorder that needs to be discussed along side PMS, as PMDD is rare it is not on the SHARE programme in Scotland and throughout the Uk schools and  there is no litreture or disscussion on this disorder. There is now a PMDD awareness month in April, Lets help  young women   get the knowledge and understanding, it could potentialy save lifes and save unwanted stress ,broken relationships, change a persons life to have early correct knowledge understanding, I have lived for 15 years with no diagnosis .Finally now have one,  I know my life would be different and many other women had we had the information and  knowledge signs can be recognised if you are aware. 


Carrie Rhodes

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Because it could potentially save life's and help with everyday life to get a correct early diagnosis lets give young girls and women a better chance at a normal life.


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