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We would like to receive feed back on Drug Court Diversion Theraputic programmes of a minimum which includes at least community service, after-care, victim restitution, upgrade of Education, regular urinalysis, setting of immeadiate, short- & medium term goals which is a written agreement & signed by court magistrate through to gaining employment to meet financial obligations such as child maintenence et al. which Drug Court Diversion programmes are highly successful internationally, and recomended by the U.N. of whomwe are ECOSOC members for the office on Drugs, Crime & Traficking. We will be doing a follow-up poll, but please first join this Cause and PLEASE invite all your facebook mates to Join. The greatr our membership, the more vital our clout when it comes to dealing with the Poiticians whom YOU voted in, either the majority or the opposition party. P L E A S E Guys and Gals, join this cause and invite all your facebook mates. It is So important for the Human Rights of People - both Addict offenders who commit this crime as Substance Abuse Induced or - Motivated so they can stave off withdrawals, as well as victims who need to see justice cone and receive restitution but also allow the Addict to work as these courts are not typical Criminal Courts. Those country's which operate on this basis see a drop in Recidivism (re-arrests) of around 80% Can you see where I am going with this. It will shut out local Drug operations, provide for Safer Cities and ahuge influx of Tourists. Please Help.


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