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The youth

Our aim is to transform our world into a cleaner and hygienic place to live. to start from our own country, we have a lot of scope to change our surroundings, our mentality and our society. We live in a country where we are aware of our surroundings, the garbage and the dirt but we have become so accustomed to everything that we do not care anymore. We don't realize every single we time we recklessly throw something on the road, we are endangering some young child's health, we are spoiling our environment, we are disgracing our very own nation, we are showing a total lack of responsibility regarding something that is ours.

Our petition is to promise our own selves that we shall always:

1) make sure that we NEVER throw garbage recklessly around

2) Stop others who are doing it

3) Make sure that the government and the officials responsible for the management are efficient


Shreya Bansal

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How this will help

Because our problem can not be tackled unless everyone is involved in it and everyone takes hold of their responsibility.

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