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Make people realize that we need to stand up to these butchers and the people who support them.

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Rhinoceros horns have become more valuable than gold, and the animals themselves are paying the price. The growth in demand is largely due to the rhino horn's supposed healing properties; in traditional Chinese medicine it's believed to cure cancer, although no scientific study has ever substantiated that claim. 

The market for the horns has spread throughout China, Vietnam and Thailand, where decades of economic growth have fueled a class of wealthy Asian consumers eager to pay top dollar for traditional cures. Rhino horn has a street value of $65,000.

It is time these countries were put on notice and travel bans slapped on their nationals to teach them a lesson why should the animals be paying the price for some old wives tale. In fact the person caught selling and buying the horns should be shamed on the internet.  Please sign on we need to create awareness and push your leaders to place  travel ban nationals of countries known for this practice.


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