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Lew Harris Safaris, Frikkie Du Toit Safaris, & the WWF

The main Frikkie Du Toit & Lew Harris Safaris amongst other hunting business are aimed at making money from killing and hunting wild animals in Africa.  

Thease barbaric businesses aim is to target international clients from over seas who pay money to  shoot wild innocent animals for profit and entertainment. 

Many of these animals including the recent extinct Western black Rhino are becoming exstinct and endangered and they need our help to stop this! 

With the help of your signature and support we can unite against the small minority of these disgusting people arise awareness and make a difference. 

Please share this far and wide 

Thank you :) 


Shaman PeaceBrother

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Please sign and share this petition to help stop these barbaric, awful examples of humanity from hunting wild African animals for business and sport.


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