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Having a civilian population able to defend themselves with non-lethal self defense technology, would cut down on the use and necessity of lethal weapons such as guns.

Due to increasing lethal violence against a defenseless civilian population the current legal structure for carrying and operating non-lethal self-defense technology is outdated and creates an environment for criminals and violent offenders to perpetrate crimes against a defenseless population. This petition's goal is to legalize the carrying and use of non-lethal self defense technology to the civilian population. So all individuals over the age of 18 who care to carry non-lethal self-defense technology, such as pepper spray, stun guns or tasers, are able to do so legally and confidently. 

The petition calls for the immediate legalization of these technologies along with permitted concealed carrying of these technologies for the purpose of self defense. 

Support the cause and let congress know we want alternatives!


Mathias Omotola

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How this will help

Cut down on the use of guns and move our country toward using non-lethal forms of self defense and conflict resolution.

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