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New York State Senators who voted for the Cuomo Gun Ban Law

We the People of New York State, hereby demand the immediate resignation of all Republican New York State Senators who voted to infringe on our Second Amendment Rights. 

Through their cowardly deceitful behavior, these public servants (Senators) conspired to undermine the Inalienable rights of the People by ignoring the people whom they represent.

 These Republican Senators  knowingly and willfully violated their oath to uphold the Constitution, resulting in the passage of a law that clearly infringes on the People's right to keep and bear arms. 

This legislation was deliberately rushed through and put to a vote in the dark of night.  Republican Senate Leader Dean Skelos waived the 72 hour review period and the Senate literally voted on it,  20 minutes after the bill was dropped  into their laps.

The gross negligence and carelessness demonstrated by these Republican Senators, not taking due time to read the bill,  resulted in the passage of a draconian law, which soon caused embarrassment  and ridicule to this ruling body across our nation. For the law, as it had been written and voted on, turned our police and law enforcement agents in to instant felons. Apparently the writers of this bill, neglected to make exceptions for law enforcement.

As a result of this strong arm law, millions of perfectly law abiding New Yorkers now stand to become criminals, should they not comply with the gross excesses of this Unconstitutional law, which will do nothing to deter crime or gun massacres in our "Gun Free Zone" schools.

In view of their willful failure to faithfully uphold the Constitution and their duplicitous actions, We the People of New York, demand that the following New York State Republican Senators resign immediately:

NYS Senator  Dean Skelos. (Senate Majority leader)  (516) 766-8383

NYS Senator Philip Boyle; (631) 669-9200
NYS Senator John Flanagan; 631-361-2154
NYS Senator Charles Fuschillo; 516-882-0630
NYS Senator Martin Golden;( 718) 238-6044
NYS Senator Mark Grisanti; 716-854-8705
NYS Senator Kemp Hannon;516-739-1700
NYS Senator Andrew Lanza; (718) 984-4073 
NYS Senator  Ken LaValle; (631) 473-1461
NYS Senator Carl Marcellino; (516) 922-1811
NYS Senator Jack Martins; 516-746-5924


Jacques Ditte

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All people who believe in the right to Life and Liberty, and the ability to defend themselves by keeping and bearing arms without government infringment.


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