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Gratuities for party's of 6 or more should be mandatory for all restaurants and paid in full to the waiter. The reason for this is simple, people don't know how to TIP. Example: a $200 check averages a 10% TIP, a minimum of 3% of the sales goes to the "tip pool" that pays for other employees salaries. So you can understand, if the costumer leaves $0 TIP the waiter has to pay the restaurant $6 because regardless of the TIP the "tip pool" never gets affected. Imagine a $1000 check!                                                                                                                             People don't realize that waiters get paid $2.13/hour and depend on what people TIP. No matter if there's a TIP or not the restaurant takes at least 3% from the waiter for working that table. Most people don't know about "tip pool" and a high percentage of costumers don't know how much or don't want to TIP at all. The waiter is the image of the restaurant, he's the one that has to deal with the costumer every need, making him ultimately responsible for the experience. Therefor he should be rewarded properly for that responsibility and more.                                                                                                                              Now a waiter is going to have bad days, good days and very few excellent days. Because no matter what you do to impress your table most people think that $5 is a great TIP. They don't realize that $5 is the minimum they should TIP for holding up that table. Any time you go to a restaurant you should TIP 15% to 20% or $5 what ever is grater. Not because you go and drink a coffee that costs $2.50 +tax you're going to pay with $3 and leave him the change. Don't forget the refills, average people drink 3 cups per visit, and spend 30 minutes at the table.                                                                                                                                                                        We all know TIPS are not mandatory. But I  hope after you read this message you can understand a little about this situation. Most people are misinformed or lack knowledge in the subject. What ever the reason you can get all the information you need here. And I'll say it again the TIP suffers but the "tip pool" remains  untouched. Help us change that! Because someone close to you or yourself was, are or might be in that position.                                                                                                           


Fernando González

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