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Well, last month I changed banks because I had a prepaid VISA card for my direct deposit but it didn't work for my retro disability compensation pay so I changed to a credit union right after New Year's, calling the Dept. of Veterans Affairs with my updated routing and account info around the 3rd or 4th of January to advise the VA with plenty of time (that's more than 3 weeks in advance) and I also called four more times to follow up and verify they had the correct information, which each time they did, and they still did NOT complete my direct deposit on Friday February 1st 2013!!! Today is the 5th of February and I still have not been paid even though I have called the VA at least five times to advise them I have not been paid and to seek a resolution but I have not been able to get anything resolved!!! I finally contacted my Congressman and now he's going to look into it but it will take his office another couple of weeks to finish his Congressional Investigation! In the meantime I can't pay my rent, or my bills, or buy food! I need your help, if you are my friend and you are concerned, please give me some ideas, some advice, or please call the VA and let's let them know that this is no way to treat our Veterans! God Bless You!!!


Lawrence Davison

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the more people sign then the more we can get the VA to realize that it's incompetence and malfeasance is deteriorating the country

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