Donate to Give Orphans and Vulnerable Children a Reason2Smile!

This fundraiser closed about 1 year ago

To access fresh drinking water all you probably have to do is turn on the tap in your kitchen or bathroom.  Unfortunately something as essential as fresh water is not readily available for many people in the world today.

At Jambo Jipya Children's Home in Mtwapa, Kenya there is no fresh drinking water.  Water has to be transported from the school which is a 10 minute walk from the orphanage and since the local water company will only fill the school's water tank once per week, this causes problems for the water supply at Jambo Jipya School.  

For just $200, a 2,000 liter water tank can be purchased for Jambo Jipya Children's Home.  If each of us chip in a little bit, we'll be able to provide the children with easy access to fresh drinking water in no time!

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